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Online First Fetal QRS Detection in Noninvasive Abdominal Electrocardiograms Using Principal Component Analysis and Discrete Wavelet Transforms with Signal Quality Estimation Abstract   PDF
M J Mollakazemi, F Asadi, M Tajnesaei, A Ghaffari
Vol 2, No 1 Mar (2012) Genetic Feedforward-Feedback Controller for Functional Electrical Stimulation Control of Elbow Joint Angle Abstract   PDF   XML
N. Hesam Shariati, A. Maleki, A. Fallah
Online First Gold-Curcumin Nanostructure in Photothermal Therapy on Breast Cancer Cell Line: 650 and 808 nm Diode Lasers as Light Sources Abstract   PDF
F Rahimi-Moghaddam, N Sattarahmady, N Azarpira
Vol 6, No 4 Dec (2016) GSM 900 MHz Microwave Radiation-Induced Alterations of Insulin Level and Histopathological Changes of Liver and Pancreas in Rat Abstract   PDF
S M J Mortazavi, S M Owji, M B Shojaie-fard, M Ghader-Panah, S A R Mortazavi, A Tavakoli-Golpayegani, M Haghani, S Taeb, N Shokrpour, O Koohi
Vol 8, No 4 Dec (2018) Heart Rate Variability Classification using Support Vector Machine and Genetic Algorithm Abstract   PDF
M Ashtiyani, S Navaei Lavasani, A Asgharzadeh Alvar, M R Deevband
Vol 2, No 1 Mar (2012) Hybrid Phantom Applications to Nuclear Medicine Abstract   PDF   XML
E. Hoseinian Azghadi, L. Rafat Motavalli, H. Miri Hakimabad
Vol 7, No 3 Sep (2017) Impact of Prolonged Fraction Delivery Time Modelling Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy with High Dose Hypofractionation on the Killing of Cultured ACHN Renal Cell Carcinoma Cell Line Abstract   PDF
M Khorramizadeh, A Saberi, M Tahmasebi –birgani, P Shokrani, A Amouhedari
Vol 5, No 4 Dec (2015) Impact of Various Beam Parameters on Lateral Scattering in Proton and Carbon-ion Therapy Abstract   PDF
M Ebrahimi Loushab, A A Mowlavi, M H Hadizadeh, R Izadi, S B Jia
Vol 5, No 4 Dec (2015) Implementing a Smart Method to Eliminate Artifacts of Vital Signals Abstract   PDF
A Javadpour, A Mohammadi
Vol 5, No 2 Jun (2015) Improvement of Accuracy in Environmental Dosimetry by TLD Cards Using Three-dimensional Calibration Method Abstract   PDF
S J HosseiniAliabadi, S M Hosseini Pooya, H Afarideh, F Mianji
Vol 6, No 2 Jun (2016) Improving Brain Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) Segmentation via a Novel Algorithm based on Genetic and Regional Growth Abstract   PDF
A Javadpour, A Mohammadi
Vol 7, No 3 Sep (2017) In vitro Evaluation of the Relationship between Gray Scales in Digital Intraoral Radiographs and Hounsfield Units in CT Scans Abstract   PDF
L Khojastepour, S Mohammadzadeh, M Jazayeri, M Omidi
Vol 6, No 1 Mar (2016) Increased Release of Mercury from Dental Amalgam Fillings due to Maternal Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields as a Possible Mechanism for the High Rates of Autism in the Offspring: Introducing a Hypothesis Abstract   PDF
Gh Mortazavi, M Haghani, N Rastegarian, S Zarei, SMJ Mortazavi
Vol 6, No 4 Dec (2016) Induction of Neuroplasticity by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Details   PDF   PDF
A Mohammadi
Online First Information Privacy and Pervasive Health: Frameworks at a Glance Abstract   PDF
T NaseriBooriAbadi, A Sheikhtaheri
Vol 9, No 1 Feb (2019) In-silico Evaluation of Rare Codons and their Positions in the Structure of ATP8b1 Gene Abstract   PDF
M Zarenezhad, S M Dehghani, F Ejtehadi, M R Fattahi, M Mortazavi, S M B Tabei
Vol 4, No 2 Jun (2014) Introducing the RadBioStat Educational Software: Computer-Assisted Teaching of the Random Nature of Cell Killing Abstract   PDF   XML
A Safari, SMJ Mortazavi, H Mozdarani
Vol 9, No 1 Feb (2019) Investigating the Effect of Air Cavities of Sinuses on the Radiotherapy Dose Distribution Using Monte Carlo Method Abstract   PDF
F Seif, M R Bayatiani, S Hamidi, M Kargaran
Online First Investigating the Impact of Knee Prosthesis in Patients’ Body on Radiation Dose Distribution: A Monte Carlo Approach Abstract   PDF
M R Bayatiani, F Seif, S Hamidi, S Bagheri
Vol 5, No 1 Mar (2015) Investigation of Collimator Influential Parameter on SPECT Image Quality: a Monte Carlo Study Abstract   PDF
Sh Banari Bahnamiri
Online First Investigation of Combination Effect Between 6 MV X Ray Radiation and Polyglycerol Coated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles on U87-MG Cancer Cells Abstract   PDF
S Jafari, M Cheki, M B Tavakoli, A Zarrabi, K Ghazikhanlu Sani, R Afzalipour
Vol 5, No 4 Dec (2015) Investigation of LiF, Mg and Ti (TLD-100) Reproducibility Abstract   PDF
M Sadeghi, S Sina, R Faghihi
Vol 3, No 1 Mar (2013) Investigation of the Efficacy of Damp-Proof Montmorillonite Nanoclay for Radon Reduction Strategies in Radon Prone Areas of Ramsar Abstract   PDF   XML
S. M. J. Mortazavi, F. Jamali, J. Moradgholi, A. R. Mehdizadeh, R. Faghihi, S. Mehdizadeh, M. Haghani, M. Saieedi, S. A. Mortazavi, M. R. Ghanbar-pour
Vol 4, No 4 DEC (2014) Investigation of the Entrance Surface Dose and Dose to Different Organs in Lumbar Spine Imaging Abstract   PDF
S Sina, B Zeinali, M Karimipoorfard, F Lotfalizadeh, M Sadeghi, E Zamani, R Faghihi
Vol 7, No 4 Dec (2017) In-vitro Study of Photothermal Anticancer Activity of Carboxylated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Abstract   PDF
M H Bahreyni-Toosi, M H Zare, A Ale davood, M T Shakeri, S Soudmand
Vol 7, No 4 Dec (2017) Ionizing Radiation and Human Gender Proportion at Birth: A Concise Review of the Literature and A Complementary Analysis of Historical and Recent Data Details   PDF
J Eslami, Gh Mortazavi, S A R Mortazavi
Online First Is Induction of Anomalies in Lymphocytes of the Residents of High Background Radiation Areas Associated with Increased Cancer Risk? Abstract   PDF
S M J Mortazavi, Gh Mortazavi, S A R Mortazavi, M Paknahad
Vol 5, No 3 Sep (2015) Klebsiella pneumonia, a Microorganism that Approves the Non-linear Responses to Antibiotics and Window Theory after Exposure to Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz Electromagnetic Radiofrequency Radiation Abstract   PDF
M Taheri, SMJ Mortazavi, M Moradi, Sh Mansour, F Nouri, SAR Mortazavi, F Bahmanzadegan
Vol 6, No 2 Jun (2016) Local-Reference Patient Dose Evaluation in Conventional Radiography Examinations in Mazandaran, Iran Abstract   PDF
D Khoshdel-Navi, A Shabestani-Monfared, M R Deevband, R Abdi, M Nabahati
Vol 6, No 3 Sep (2016) Look Different: Effect of Radiation Hormesis on the Survival Rate of Immunosuppressed Mice Abstract   PDF
M Alavi, S Taeb, M A Okhovat, M Atefi, F Negahdari
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