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Vol 9, No 5Oct (2019) 5G Technology: Why Should We Expect a shift from RF-Induced Brain Cancers to Skin Cancers? Details   PDF
A R Mehdizadeh, S M J Mortazavi
Vol 5, No 3 Sep (2015) A Challenging Issue in the Etiology of Speech Problems: The Effect of Maternal Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields on Speech Problems in the Offspring Abstract   PDF
S Zarei, SMJ Mortazavi, AR Mehdizadeh, M Jalalipour, S Borzou, S Taeb, M Haghani, SAR Mortazavi, MB Shojaei-fard, S Nematollahi, N Alighanbari, S Jarideh
Vol 5, No 2 Jun (2015) A Comparative Study on the Life-Saving Radioprotective Effects of Vitamins A, E, C and Over-the-Counter Multivitamins Abstract   PDF
S M J Mortazavi, S Rahimi, M A Mosleh-Shirazi, M Arjomandi, A Soleimani, O Koohi Hossein-abadi, M Haghani, M Alavi
Vol 8, No 2 June (2018) A Comparison of Six Ultrasound Stimulation Types on Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Growth in Vitro Abstract   PDF
A Q Alneami, E Gh Khalil, R A Mohsien, A F Albeldawi
Vol 3, No 4 Dec (2013) A Comparison of Skin Dose Delivered with MammoSite and Multicatheter Breast Brachytherapy Abstract   PDF   XML
M Oshaghi, M Sadeghi, SR Mahdavi, AR Shirazi
Online First A comparison of the free moment pattern between normal and hyper-pronated aligned feet in female subjects during the stance phase of gait Abstract   PDF
F Yazdani, M Razeghi, S Ebrahimi
Vol 8, No 4Dec (2018) A Feasibility Study of IMRT of Lung Cancer Using Gafchromic EBT3 Film Abstract   PDF
F Falahati, A Nickfarjam, M Shabani
Vol 9, No 3Jun (2019) A Framework for Optimal Attribute Evaluation and Selection in Hesitant Fuzzy Environment Based on Enhanced Ordered Weighted Entropy Approach for Medical Dataset Abstract   PDF
A Dikshit-Ratnaparkhi, D Bormane, R Ghongade
Vol 9, No 4Aug (2019) A Glance at the Errors of Some Studies on the Health Effects of High Background Natural Radiation Areas Abstract   PDF
J Eslami, S M J Mortazavi, S A R Mortazavi
Vol 3, No 4 Dec (2013) A Hybrid Classifier for Characterizing Motor Unit Action Potentials in Diagnosing Neuromuscular Disorders Abstract   PDF   XML
T Kamali, R Boostani, H Parsaei
Vol 6, No 1 Mar (2016) A Lumped Parameter Method to Calculate the Effect of Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion on Anterior Cerebral Artery Pressure Waveform Abstract   PDF
M Abdi, M Navidbakhsh, A Razmkon
Vol 2, No 3 Sep (2012) A Mathematical Approach for Describing Time-Dependent Poisson’s Ratios of Periodontal Ligaments Abstract   PDF   XML
H. Ashrafi, M. Shariyat
Vol 4, No 4 DEC (2014) A Monte Carlo Study for Photoneutron Dose Estimations around the High-Energy Linacs Abstract   PDF
N Mohammadi, S H Miri-Hakimabad, L Rafat-Motavalli
Vol 8, No 1Mar (2018) A Monte Carlo Study on Dose Enhancement by Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Distributions of Gold Nanoparticles in Radiotherapy with Low Energy X-rays Abstract   PDF
M Zabihzadeh, T Moshirian, M Ghorbani, C Knaup, M A Behrooz
Vol 7, No 1 Mar (2017) A Monte Carlo Study on the Effect of Various Neutron Capturers on Dose Distribution in Brachytherapy with 252Cf Source Abstract   PDF
M M Firoozabadi, Gh Izadi Vasafi, K Karimi-sh, M Ghorbani
Vol 9, No 4Aug (2019) A Monte Carlo Study on the Shielding Properties of a Novel Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)/WO3 Composite, Against Gamma Rays, Using the MCNPX Code Abstract   PDF
F Kazemi, S Malekie, M A Hosseini
Vol 3, No 1 Mar (2013) A Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) for Optimizing Thermal and Electrical Distribution in Tumor Ablation by Irreversible Electroporation Abstract   PDF   XML
A. Nickfarjam, S. M. P. Firoozabadi, B. Kalaghchi
Vol 6, No 2 Jun (2016) A Nano-indentation Identification Technique for Viscoelastic Constitutive Characteristics of Periodontal Ligaments Abstract   PDF
H Ashrafi, M Shariyat
Vol 8, No 1Mar (2018) A New Algorithm for Skin Lesion Border Detection in Dermoscopy Images Abstract   PDF
E Meskini, M S Helfroush, K Kazemi, M Sepaskhah
Vol 5, No 2 Jun (2015) A New Approach for Heterogeneity Corrections for Cs-137 Brachytherapy Sources Abstract   PDF
S Sina, R Faghihi, A S Meigooni
Vol 8, No 4Dec (2018) A New Conveyable Device for Electro-drainage of Thorax Abstract   PDF
M Ghahramanifar, M Haghani, A Ghadimi Moghadam, A Haghani, A K Ghadimi Moghadam
Vol 9, No 2Apr (2019) A New Potential Contrast Agent for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Iron Oxide-4A Nanocomposite Abstract   PDF
L Zareei, B Divband, A Mesbahi, M Khatamian, A Kiani, N Gharehaghaji
Vol 8, No 1Mar (2018) A New Stethoscope Design with Unique Characteristics and Development in Medical Device Abstract   PDF
M Ghahremanifar, M Haghani, A Ghadimi Moghadam, A K Ghadimi Moghadam
Vol 6, No 1 Mar (2016) A Novel Biological Dosimetry Method for Monitoring Occupational Radiation Exposure in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Wards: From Radiation Dosimetry to Biological Effects Abstract   PDF
S Heydarheydari, A Haghparast, M T Eivazi
Vol 8, No 4Dec (2018) A Novel Classification Method using Effective Neural Network and Quantitative Magnetization Transfer Imaging of Brain White Matter in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Abstract   PDF
M Fooladi, H Sharini, S Masjoodi, E Khodamoradi
Vol 9, No 5Oct (2019) A Novel Computer-Aided Method to Evaluate Scoliosis Curvature using Polynomial Math Function Abstract   PDF
D F Guamán-Lozada, J Cabrera-Escobar, M D Guamán-Lozada, V Romero-Rodríguez, A P Castro-Martin, M G Romero-Rodríguez, H Ying-Ying, Y Zhi-Han, H Jia-Wei
Vol 1, No 1 Dec (2011) A Novel Design for Production of Efficient Flexible Lead-Free Shields against X-ray Photons in Diagnostic Energy Range Abstract   PDF   XML
M. R. Aghamiri, S. M. J. Mortazavi, M. Tayebi, M. A. Mosleh-Shirazi, H. Baharvand, A. Tavakkoli-Golpayegani, B. Zeinali-Rafsanjani
Online First A Novel GPU-based Fast Monte Carlo Photon Dose Calculating Method for Accurate Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Abstract   PDF
M Karbalaee, D Shahbazi-Gahrouei, M B Tavakoli
Vol 2, No 3 Sep (2012) A Novel Method for Measuring, Regardless of Image Distortion and Lens Varying Specifications in Endoscopic Treatment of Vesicoureteral Reflux Details   PDF   XML
M. Taheri Sadr, N. Karami, M. Shirazi
Vol 2, No 2 Jun (2012) A Novel Neutron Dosimeter Abstract   PDF   XML
P. Akhlaghi, A. Ebrahimi-Khankook, L. Rafat-Motavalli, H. Miri-Hakimabad
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