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This bimonthly journal is the official publication of the Global Center for Advanced Research in Biomedical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, one of the world's leading independent research centers that publishing by Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in cooperation with SalviaPub (a part of Salvia Medical Sciences Ltd.).

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One fortunate problem of all journals is the high volume of good quality manuscripts received by the office. This also happened to JBPE. Since 2015, we adopted the advanced online publication policy as the first journal in West Asia. The number of papers pending publication exceeded 100 in 2017. We therefore, along with increasing the rejection ratio, increased the number of original papers per issue to 20 to decrease this backlog.

Recently, the editorial board has decided to change the frequency of publication from quarterly to bimonthly, from the beginning of 2019. Thus, we expect that the wait time for final publication of the manuscripts will become shorter reasonably. I want to thank you for supporting JBPE and make it possible for us to provide the medical physics society with high impact reports.

Posted: 2018-12-23



Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering (JBPE) announces that it has been indexed by the PubMed Central since Volume 3 Issue 2 (June 2013). All the articles published in the journal will receive this research scores.

You can use this link to see the journals articles.

We invite all faculty members, students and researchers to submit their invaluable articles related to the aim and scope of this journal to be processed in the shortest period of time.

Dr. Alireza Mehdizadeh


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Vol 9, No 6Dec (2019)

Table of Contents

Systematic Review

S Abhari, R Safdari, L Azadbakht, K B Lankarani, Sh R Niakan Kalhori, B Honarvar, Kh Abhari, S M Ayyoubzadeh, Z Karbasi, S Zakerabasali, Y Jalilpiran

Original Research

S Srivastava, N K Painuly, S P Mishra, K Srivastava, N Singh, S Singh, M L B Bhatt
S Singh, P Raina, O P Gurjar
B Hashemi, F Hasanaj, M E Akbari, H R Mirzaei, M Mojtahed, M Bakhshandeh
T R Verma, N K Painuly, M Tyagi, D Johny, R Gupta, M L B Bhatt
M M Movahedi, F Nouri, A Tavakoli Golpaygani, A Ataee, S Amani, M Taheri
S Kaushik, R Punia, A Tyagi
Gh Izadi Vasafi, M M Firoozabadi
N Behzadpour, N Sattarahmady, N Akbari
V Nahirniak, N Kusniak, I Kashperuk-Karpiuk, L Andrushchak, T Protsak, N Pentelejchuk
A Mostaar, M R Sattari, S Hosseini, M R Deevband
F Mohagheghian, B Makkiabadi, H Jalilvand, H Khajehpoor, N Samadzadehaghdam, E Eqlimi, M R Deevband
S HosseiniPanah, A Zamani, F Emadi, F HamtaeiPour
M Azarnoosh, H Doostdar


M Khosravi, M Arazpour, H Saeedi, M Rezaei