Parametrization of Pedestrian Injuries and its Utilisation in Proving Traffic Accidents Course Using Injury Signatures and Contact Signatures

J Mandelík, N Bobrov, Z Nevolná


Background: The paper points out the present limited possibility of using the verbal description of injuries for the needs of experts from the field of road transportation as relevant criminalistics traces, as well as the options of the FORTIS system that creates a new area for a deeper interdisciplinary approach in the field of expert evidence. Further a description of how to create injury signatures and contact signatures and the possibilities of their evaluation and mutual comparison based on the proven individual attributes are described.

Objective: To evaluate pedestrian injuries by the new proper FORTIS system and to show FORTIS valuability in the assessment of mechanical violence and mechanism of injuries.

Material and Methods: Cases of traffic injuries including photodocumentation, graphic schemes, medical files and autopsy protocols processed by the new FORTIS forensic system.

Results: A collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle represents a matrix of physical violence having an effect on the pedestrian´s body and a matrix of the pedestrian´s body´s response to this violence. The analysis of individual cases shows the valuability of the FORTIS system.

Conclusion: It is apparent that for the needs of traffic accidents analysts the FORTIS system has more options for being used in forensic medicine, as it covers not only a field of evaluation of traffic injuries but also all kinds of injuries and accidents (rail accidents, air accidents, violent crimes, etc.).


Pedestrian, parametrization of injuries, collision analysis, forensic medicine, accident case analysis

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