A Framework for Optimal Attribute Evaluation and Selection in Hesitant Fuzzy Environment Based on Enhanced Ordered Weighted Entropy Approach for Medical Dataset

A Dikshit-Ratnaparkhi, D Bormane, R Ghongade


Background: In this paper, a generic hesitant fuzzy set (HFS) model for clustering various ECG beats according to weights of attributes is proposed. A comprehensive review of the electrocardiogram signal classification and segmentation methodologies indicates that algorithms which are able to effectively handle the nonstationary and uncertainty of the signals should be used for ECG analysis. Extensive research that focuses on incorporating vagueness in the form of fuzzy sets, fuzzy rough sets and hesitant fuzzy sets (HFS) has been in past decades.

Objective: The paper aims to develop an enhanced entropy based on the clustering technique for calculating the weights of the attributes to finally generate appropriately clustered attributes.

Material and Methods: Finding optimal attributes to make a decision has always been a matter of concern for the researchers. Metrics used for optimal attribute generation can be broadly classified into mutual dependency, similarity, correlation and entropy based metrics in fuzzy domain .The experimentation has been carried out on ECG dataset in a hesitant fuzzy framework with four attributes.

Results: We propose a novel correlation based on an algorithm that takes entropy based weighted attributes as input which effectively generates a relevant and non-redundant set of attributes. We have also derived correlation coefficient formulas for HFSs and applied them to clustering analysis under framework of hesitant fuzzy sets. The results show the comparison of the proposed mathematical model with the existing similarity based on algorithms.

Conclusion: The selection of optimal relevant attributes certainly highlights the robustness and efficacy of the proposed approach. The entire experimentation and comparative results help us conclude that selection of optimal attributes in hesitant fuzzy domain certainly prove to be a powerful tool in order to express uncertainty in the process of data acquisition and classification.


Hesitant Fuzzy Sets, ECG, Correlation Coefficients, Entropy, Weights

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31661/jbpe.v0i0.1033

eISSN: 2251-7200        JBPE NLM ID: 101589641

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